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We are television, aerial, satellite & CCTV specialists, with over 10 years experience within the industry. We provide solutions for home and commercial clients and take great pride in all the work we carry out.

Located in Burwell, Cambridgeshire we provide our services to:

Check out our contact page for our full coverage and enter your location on our interactive map. Please use the menu above to navigate around our site.

    • Aerial Installations
    • Having a good aerial is essential for enjoying a crystal clear television picture. We offer a range of aerials and will advise you on the best one to ensure you achieve this. All aerials we supply are wide-band digital compatible.

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    • Satellite Installations
    • Having the right satellite dish is essential for picking up a strong signal. We provide a range of satellites and will advise you on which will give you the strongest signal for the types of channels you need. Our services include dish installs, replacements, and upgrades.
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    • CCTV
    • CCTV is a great way to protect your assets, lower your insurance premiums and give you that extra peace of mind. We can install it for you.

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    • Networking
    • We design and install Ethernet networks and WiFi. We can run exterior and interior cables, layer 2 switches, WiFi access points and bridges.

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Phelps Communications is located at:

Pound Close,

 0800 505 3817
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